Monday, April 18, 2011

Review: Six Rules of Maybe

Title:  The Six Rules of Maybe
Author:  Deb Caletti

     From GoodReads, "Scarlet spends most of her time worrying about other people. Some are her friends, others are practically strangers, and then there are the ones no else even notices. Trying to fix their lives comes naturally to her. And pushing her own needs to the side is part of the deal. So when her older sister comes home unexpectedly married and pregnant, Scarlet has a new person to worry about. But all of her good intentions are shattered when the unthinkable happens: she falls for her sister’s husband. For the first time in a long time, Scarlet’s not fixing a problem, she’s at the center of one. And ignoring her feelings doesn’t seem to be an option..."

     I found myself loving this book and especially the little pearls of wisdom from the author Deb Caletti mixed into main character Scarlet's observations.  There were many times that I would pause my reading to write down some of the author's words because it connected with me so.  The writing is so beautiful.  I have recommended this book to many students, unfortunately not too many have finished the book saying that it had too much detail.  
     I liked the relationship between Scarlet and Hayden, even though I knew that it probably wouldn't go anywhere.  I also liked the interconnectedness between Scarlet, her sister, and her mother.  They were such different characters, but it all came down to a love of each other.  I would recommend this book to deep thinkers.

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